Studio 2

Studio 2 – Housekeeping

Keeping peace with the landlord is essential for the existence of Yogacommunity. As a general guideline, leave the room a little bit nicer than you found it 🙂 Please follow these steps without exception and make sure you don’t forget anything – below the text you find a video with everything you need to know – Thanks 🙂

Arrival & departure time

  • Studio 2 is used by a large number of different groups (although Yogacommunity has most of the time slots). This means you cannot go to the studio more than 15 minutes before class and you need to leave the studio at the latest 15 minutes after class

Before you leave

  • After class, open at least 3 windows for 5 minutes to flush room with fresh air
  • Check that ceiling heaters in the back of the room are turned off – make sure to check this even if you DID NOT turn them on – the teacher who taught before you might have forgotten it. There is a black remote in the back of the room. The ceiling heaters are OFF when you see a blue light blinking. If there is a constant blue light, point the remote towards the ceiling and press OFF.
  • Make sure the ceiling fan in the back of the room is ON – running on moderate speed. Pull the cord once to turn it on (in case it is off), pull one more time to set it to moderate speed
  • Clean the floor using the broom which you find in the toilet – vacuum the dirt off the broom using the vacuum cleaner in the changing are
  • When you bring the broom back to the toilet, check that toilet water tap is closed
  • Lock the door that leads to the toilet
  • Close the windows again
  • Make sure all props are placed neatly back into their respective place
  • Take the money from the donation box and place the donation box back into the rack
  • Lock the main door and place the key back into the key box at the other door