Salary Payment

  • Go to your teacher account: click here
    • Please check / enter: (a) your complete address, (b) your bank account IBAN – number, and (c) your Swiss AHV number
    • Click on “Save Profile”
  • Check your salary statement for October 2018
    • The salary statements for each month are automatically created based on your entries in the class log form. This means if you haven’t entered a classs, it will not appear on the salary statement and will be missing from the total amount you get paid.
    • From the menu, click on “Salary Statement”
    • Under “Year Month” select “2018-10” and click on “Search” to see all the classes you have entered.
    • In case a class is mssing, enter it using the “Class log” – make sure to enter the correct date – and then check again