Studio 1

Address for Key Pick-Up


Keeping peace with the landlord is essential for the existence of Yogacommunity. As a general guideline, leave the room a little bit nicer than you found it 🙂 Please follow these steps without exception and make sure you don’t forget anything – below the text you find a video with everything you need to know – Thanks 🙂


  • Studio 1 is used by a large number of different groups (although Yogacommunity has most of the time slots). This means you cannot go to the studio more than 15 minutes before class and you need to leave the studio at the latest 15 minutes after class
  • We have only a shared key for studio 1, this means in case you are not teaching right after another teacher, you have to pick up the key at my place which is 3 minutes away from studio 1 by bicycle. Find the details in the video below
  • After class, in case there is no other class right after you, it is of outmost importance that you return the key again to my place